DDRE are a relationship-based, results-driven, and fully digital real estate business giving you access to the world’s most desirable homes. Their team is built from a foundation of trust, experience, and integrity.

What we did: Estate agent website design

Working with a pre-existing design, we developed the website with a 'Jamstack' architecture, meaning the site consists of static HTML pages (bringing huge speed and security advantages to the site) but still has a content management system behind it (WordPress) allowing the team at DDRE to edit all content within the website.

We integrated DDRE's estate agency software into the site for automatic property updates, as well as developing functionality that allows DDRE to set a property as 'off market' which restricts access to the details of the property. DDRE can then generate unique access links to approved contacts within their property software, allowing them to provide full access to the property details for verified contacts only.

DDRE laptop screens

The result

The website consists of a modern, static technology stack which will ensure it remains quick, secure and performant for a number of years. DDRE can add and edit all content within the website and all property data is automatically pulled into the website from their estate agency software.

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